Hosting International Student for Lake Panorama Student Homestays




The following terms and conditions must be met under the guidelines for the Pastoral Care of International Students. By signing &/or submitting an online application, you are agreeing that you understand and agree to the following:

  1. Host Parents have read, understood and agree to follow the LPSH Homestay Family Guidelines
  2. LPSH agrees that all information regarding Residential Caregivers (Host Families) relating to the Accommodation will be kept confidential, except disclosure to students or their parents or legal guardians, the School, or to any professional consultant or such person where it is in the interests of the students to provide the information or pursuant to any statutory or legal duty.
  3. Pursuant to the Homestay Family Guidelines, Host Families will provide as a minimum:
  4. •  3 meals + snacks per day (7 days per week). An adequate, balanced and appropriate diet must be provided to the
  5.    student. Students should not be asked to pay for their own meals on a family outing.
  6. •  A clean and comfortable bedroom, which should include the following:
  7.        o Bed, linen, towels – clean linen to be provided weekly
  8.        o Desk and Chair, desk lamp (long term students)
  9.        o Wardrobe and/or Chest of drawers etc.
  10.        o Wastepaper basket and Laundry Basket
  11.        o Heater in winter
  12. •  Laundry Services and providing basic toiletries.
  13. •  Transport to school and back the first day and support to catch school/public transport after that.
  14. •  Wi-Fi internet access for students in the home.
  15. Encourage the student to feel at home and treat him/her as a member of the family and not a paying guest.
  16. Show due concern for the welfare, safety and security of the student during his/her stay.
  17. Respect the student’s different cultural background and be sensitive to the needs of the student.
  18. No students are permitted to stay overnight in the home alone without Host Parents.
  19. No female students are permitted to remain in the home overnight if the Host Mother is absent.
  20. In the event of sickness or accident you are required to take your student to the doctor or hospital. All International students have comprehensive Health Insurance
  21. Students are not permitted to drive cars, smoke, gamble, take drugs or drink alcohol. If you suspect any of these at-risk behaviours, you must advise LPSH and/or the School immediately.
  22. Payment of Homestay Fees is twice per month, on the 3rd & 15th. The payment on the 3rd is for the 1st – 14th of the month (fourteen days). The payment on the 15th is for the 15th to last day of month and will vary depending on the number of days in the month. When these payment dates fall on a weekend or bank holiday the payments are made on the business day before the weekend/holiday period.
  23. All members of the household over the age of 18 must be police checked by LPSH.
  24. Any significant changes to the household must be reported to LPSH, e.g. new people in the home, new pets.
  25. LPSH may take such measures as it considers appropriate to monitor compliance with the Pastoral Care Code. This may include, without limitation, regular visits to the Homestay Residence and meetings with both students and the Homestay Family.
  26. Failure by the Host Parents to provide the Residential Care required may result in removal of the student and termination of the Agreement
  27. LPSH may remove a student from the Homestay Family at any time without prior notice or agreement at the sole and absolute discretion of LPSH.
  28. If a student is removed or relocated from a Homestay Family for any reason prior to the agreed departure date the Host Parents must refund to LPSH any Homestay Fees received in advance of the removal date. The refund is due payable to LPSH within seven (7) days of the removal date. Host Parents are not entitled to keep any Fees received in advance once the student is no longer residing with the Host Family.
  29. Host Parents agree to provide fourteen (14) days written notice if they wish a student to be removed from their Residential Care.
  30. Contact information for the Host Family may be shared with LPSH’s host parent community for the purposes of communicating with other host parents and will not be passed on to any other parties or used for any other purpose without agreement from the Host Parents.
  31. The parties agree that any dispute in relation to this Agreement will be resolved in accordance with the Pastoral Care of International Students Code and LPSH policies.
  33. I understand the above terms and conditions and agree to abide by them:
  34. Name__________________________________Signed___________________________Date_____________
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  36. Authorised Signatory of Lake Panorama Student Homestays:
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